Why I'm building a new consulting practice called Yes! and...
New beginnings, 18 months in

Hello world!

I’ve been working as an independent consultant for the past 18 months and today I’m launching a new identity for my work called Yes! and…

Being self employed is a lot like going on a road trip. It’s exciting, sure, but also brings with it a sense of being untethered, of being a long way from home. Always looking to the horizon and the next rest stop, never stopping to build routines. So Yes! and… is an acknowledgement that being on the road is now home (metaphorically of course, IRL Brooklyn is still my home although I a coffeeshop nomad).

Why the name?

The name Yes! and… is a nod to the improvisational nature of consulting and balancing thinking on your feet while avoiding BS. But it’s also a reflection of my default positive attitude towards clients and projects. I approach clients like partners not paychecks.

Great! So, what is the work that you do?

Good question! As an independent consultant the kind of work I’ve done has been wide and varied. For example:

I’ve worked with media companies like the New York Times and Complex Media on the mechanics of content - SEO strategy, audience development and .

I’ve worked with startups like Olapic as CMO and marketing advisor helping to guide marketing activity and add leadership to fast-moving environments.

In concrete terms, engagements typically start out in one of three ways:

  • An on-site workshop where we get the interesting people in the room and work through the strategy
  • Project based work to define & build the marketing engine, this is typically embedded within your organization
  • Recruiting work, helping to understand who you’re trying to hire and then finding them

Read a little more about the mechanics of the work I do over on my work page.

On Connected Networks & Consulting

The lifeblood of a consulting business is the referral network that provides a gravity to attract interesting work and I’ve been inspired by those around me building networks of support for independents. Big thanks to Gary Chou, Brian Dell, Kyle Monson, Arnold Waldstein, Jim Babb, Dave Dawson, Luke Chatelain, Dave Minchala, John Doherty, Ron Garrett for support, clients, advice and insight along the way.

So What’s Next?

I’m going to be writing a little more frequently on the inner workings of running an independent consulting practice and also sharing some of my thinking around content, audience development and marketing.

But for now, hello from over here at Yes! and…

If you want to get in touch or grab a coffee just get in touch; @tomcritchlow, linkedin or tom@yesand.nyc.